Your Most Valuable Sponsorship Asset Is in Your Attendee’s Hands

Posted by Manoj Sundi on July 30, 2018

Is your event app an expense?

Traditionally event apps were viewed as an expense and treated as such.

But during the last couple of years, event management teams have experienced and recognised the leverage that an event app provides for sponsor onboarding and justification. Event apps act as a premium real estate for branding and promotion that makes sponsorships measurable, repeatable, and stress-free. Event apps are therefore increasingly being treated as a source of revenue.

Event apps have played a vital role in removing many bottlenecks that plagued event sponsorships.

From interactive banners to push notifications, event apps help the event managers to design innovative sponsorship packages that provide long-term engagement, real-time tracking, and clear-cut ROI. Perhaps, the most important advantage that event apps enjoy over other marketing channels is the fact that they are right in your attendee’s hands 24X7. It is the place your attendees feel at home and in control of. So, having sponsorship interactions feels more organic and natural rather than commercial.

Are you trying to unlock your event app’s revenue potential?

Here are five strategies that will help you increase sponsor revenue by leveraging your event app features

  1. Splash screens
    Splash screens are a powerful visual that fills the entire mobile screen and provides an opportunity for exclusive sponsorship. These screens usually last up to 5 seconds and incorporate brand logo and colours. The screen is seen by the attendee every time the app is opened throughout the event life-cycle. There is only one spot on the splash screen and it is offered to the main sponsor at a premium price.
  2. Sponsor showcase
    Sponsor showcases are ideal for providing interactive and dedicated spaces to communicate their products, solutions, and offers. You can create premium sponsorship opportunities by charging higher prices by moving specific sponsors to the top of the list. Additionally, you can even give a dedicated icon that boosts visibility and access. Sponsor showcases are ideal for linking to a special landing page to capture leads.
  3. Push notifications
    Push notifications are direct messages that can be either scheduled or sent on-the-fly to the attendees. These can be targeted depending upon the audience profile and draw their attention to promotional offerings at strategic times. Push notifications offer high value because they appear on the attendee’s screen even when the app is turned off. If the attendees opt-out for notifications, they will appear on the app’s activity feeds.
  4. Polls and contests
    Real-time polls help the sponsors get instant feedback and valuable insights directly from the attendees. These have a higher response rate and ideal for market research as they help to collect private and comprehensive data. Polls provide an additional touch point for collecting customer data and feedback throughout the event life-cycle. Contests are perfect for driving excitement about sponsor brands and offers.
  5. ROI tracking
    Real-time ROI tracking and inbuilt analytics are the perfect leverage for justifying the sponsor deliverables. Through the event app, you can track and quantify important engagement metrics like taps on banners/icons, views of sponsor profile/offers, social sharing, impressions, leads, and conversions. Here you can also create premium sponsorships by enabling printer friendly export of charts and graphics to exclusive sponsors. And all this rich data can then be viewed in a convenient dashboard for detailed analytics.

Your event app is a powerful tool for providing interactive sponsorship deliverables and justify your sponsorship ask. Apart from interactive branding and audience engagement, real-time ROI tracking is the key factor in boosting the sponsorship potential of your event app.

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