Why you should get an event app for your conference?

Get an app to deliver a memorable conference experience for your speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

Posted by Manoj Sundi on March 21, 2018

Conferences are one of the most attractive industry events for the professionals. They have the ideal combination of knowledge enhancement, networking, and interaction with industry leaders. But, organising a conference also comes with its own unique challenges. They range from attracting the right audience to making the conference stand out among the competition.

In light of these challenges, the organizers are increasingly opting for Event apps to enhance the the experience and effectiveness of their conferences. Event Apps add a dynamic and real-time engagement option across the board throughout the conference life cycle. They also enable the organizers to measure the effectiveness of conference components and deliver a highly relevant event experience to the attendees.

Here are four major advantages that will convince you to get an event app for your conference

1. Enhance attendee experience

Speaker sessions by industry leaders are a particular attraction of industry events like conferences. Event apps help to enhance this experience by letting the speakers share their presentations and materials beforehand. The attendees can also connect directly with speakers and have conversations before the conference. This will make the sessions interactive and interesting, thereby adding value to both attendees and speakers. Apart from the sessions, the custom chatbots coupled with audience profiling, ensure that the audiences enjoy all relevant event experiences. Options like live polls and contests ensure that the audience is engaged throughout the conference.

2. Get sponsors onboard

Attracting the right brands to sponsor the conference or exhibit at your conference, is the key to delivering maximum value and enhance the profile of your conference. For ensuring that apt sponsors come onboard, event app will be your secret weapon as it creates opportunities for enhanced exposure, dynamic engagement, and access to real-time analytics. With event apps you will be able to provide dedicated sponsor showcase, virtual branding, audience profiling, social media sharing, live polls/contests, and push notifications. As a cherry on top, event apps provide real-time measurements of audience engagement which in turn provide clear cut ROI for the sponsors.

3. Improve networking

Networking and relationship building is one of the key purposes of conferences. Event apps help to make networking dynamic, long-lasting, focused, and thus highly effective. To begin with, the app itself analyses audience profiles and gives intuitive suggestions about whom to connect with. The attendees can connect with each other through direct messaging and network beyond the conference date and venue. The event apps also provide integration of professional platforms like LinkedIn which add to networking experience. At the event also, the audience can set one-on-one meetings beforehand and scan business cards right from the app.

4. Effective conference management

Planning and organising a conference has several components that often have the conference management team in a tizzy. But, event apps provide across the board management options that ease the pressure on time, money, and human resources. Event apps help you take care of all essential functions like schedule management, communication, branding etc. in real-time from a centralised dashboard. The CRM features help to communicate instantly with the attendees through SMS, email, and push notifications. The custom chatbots provide personalised assistance to the attendees and free the event team members to work on operational details.

Conferences are increasingly relying on Event apps to seamlessly merge virtual tools with real life tasks to enhance human experience. So, you should consider getting a dedicated app for your conference and deliver maximum benefits to the attendees and the sponsors.