Use an event app for making your conference better

Use the event app to improve engagement and networking at your conference

Posted by Manoj Sundi on March 12, 2018

Tech advancements have brought the world to our fingertips, still, people are flocking to conferences and events for tapping into the still relevant potential of face-to-face interactions. Event Apps help us to get the best of both worlds by acting as the bridge between tech capabilities and real life engagement.

Event Apps are increasingly becoming an integral part of conference experience owing to their ability to extend the conference life-cycle and add value beyond the event agenda. The attendees - whether individuals or businesses are energised by the prospect of increased exposure and opportunities for interactions. For the conference organisers, the opportunity to deliver more benefits with minimal cost and time outlay makes event apps indispensable.

Here are 8 benefits that an event app gives which will in turn give an innovative edge to your conference and improve its effectiveness

1. Better networking

Networking is a central objective for conferences. Event apps help the conferences in facilitating not just online but real-life networking throughout the event life cycle. The attendees can get suggestions for connections, check other participant profiles, and schedule one-on-one meetings at the conference.

2. Greater control over schedule

Event apps put the attendees in charge of their personal schedule and ensure that their time spent at the conference delivers maximum benefits. Choosing which sessions to attend or setting up one-on-one meetings, audience can plan their time according to their preference.

3. Live engagement

Real-time engagement and accurate measurement of the same are the particular benefits that event apps can add to your conference. Live polls and contests help to keep the audience interested and push notifications help to draw the audience attention to conference components that interest them.

4. Better audience relationship management

Audience relationship management demands personalised and consistent communication through email, messaging, and relevant push notifications. An event app basically automates the process through chatbots and CRM, so that the communication stays error free and relevant with minimal time and money expenditure.

5. Better session engagement

Conferences are powerful opportunities co-learning and updating industry knowledge. Event apps promote this by providing personal interactions with speakers and options to study the presentations/reports beforehand. This will lead to informed interactions between the speakers and audience.

6. Better B2B interactions

B2B interactions are the special attractions for exhibitors at conferences. The showcase options on Event Apps ensure that prospective attendees walk into the conference with an informed agenda and have effective follow ups with businesses.

7. Save time and money

The automation options like chatbots and CRM have made zero paper conferences a reality. They save not only the man hours of the event team but also the money usually spent human resources and systems support.

8. Add a tech touch

Today we are all living a parallel virtual lives, therefore adding an event app will elevate the event experience by adding the tech touch. Be it social sharing, navigation, or chatbot assistance, tech goes a long way in augmenting the real-life conference experience.

Event apps make the conferences better by increasing their life cycle beyond the day and venue. They enhance the conference experience by providing dynamic online engagement options which add to the interactions at the conference venue.