No more white labeled apps?

Apple’s ban on white label apps is pushing the event industry towards universal branded apps

Posted by Manoj Sundi on April 26, 2018

As part of Apple’s larger app store cleanup, it’s updated App store guidelines have effectively banned white labeled apps i.e. apps created by a generalized template or app generation service. While it is rejecting the submission of any new white labeled apps, Apple does not have plans to remove any such apps. However, it has indicated that any updates to such apps will be blocked - essentially making the apps irrelevant in near future.

Although done with the express purpose of avoiding the spam and copycat apps, this ban covers any app that shares a codebase or template with other apps. This decision is sure to create significant change for the white label apps across industries including events and conferences. For instance, this ban makes having white label apps on Android impractical as attendees are sure to be confused with two different apps. So the number of white label software on Android is sure to go down.

Irrespective of the Apple ban, white labeled event management software had plenty of drawbacks on their own. First of all these set template-based apps failed to evolve with the changing product vision and keep pace with the long-term product development goals. Secondly, white label event apps offer very little control and flexibility over even essential features - making every event look the same. And finally, event organizers often face challenges in integration with their systems in terms of data tracking and analysis.

In light of these facts and Apple’s ban, universal branded apps are set to become the new industry standard for events and conferences.

Universal event apps are those single apps that host hundreds of events from a single point of access while still providing space for a high degree of customization and branding across different types of events. Think of it as a bucket where your users see only your app with distinct individual colour themes, branding, content and event level analytics. Universal apps provide the following advantages to the event organizers, sponsors, and users

1. Event Apps like EventOnApp already have a universal app in the app store that organizers can download and use for events as and when needed.

2. Having a custom App built from scratch is not the most affordable option for most of the clients both in terms of time and money. So, having a Gmail like universal app that is single, secure yet customizable will prove invaluable.

3. Universal apps have better attendee adoption because they have access to multiple events from a single point. Thus it saves them space on their device, data and the hassle of installing/uninstalling standalone apps for multiple events.

4. An integrated universal event app can help you edit the content with minimal hassle as in, it can help you update the content across multiple platforms (website, social media, event app, SMS, notifications etc.) from a single dashboard.

5. Universal apps facilitate deep branding experiences. They allow great flexibility of custom branding for diverse content making each individual event stand out. Apart from the app icon, no two events look or feel the same to the user.

6. Universal apps provide cross event analytics regarding attendee engagement so that organizers can compare all their event data in one place.

7. Universal event apps have a very quick development lifecycle from creation to deployment and client activation. Also, a universal event app can be designed and deployed at a much lower cost than a built from scratch custom app.

Event management software and event apps are much beloved by both sponsors and audience because of the personalized and targeted event experience. So, by having a universal event app you can ensure that you deliver a custom event experience in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, having your event on a universal App means that tech industry developments like Apple’s ban do not give you sleepless nights.