Importance of live notifications at events

Posted by Manoj Sundi on June 14, 2018

With the infinite influx of apps in the market, the competition has grown fierce and app developers have realized that user acquisition is just half the battle won. App users are fickle and with the unlimited number of options in the market, it is crucial to keep your game up. So the question arises how to churn the audience into your app? How to keep your audience engaged with the app?

Talking specifically about event apps, stats have proved that live notifications are responsible for about 88% of user engagement. Notifications are the best way to keep attendees in the know with the most up-to-date information about your event and can even help to generate revenue. Ready to read in real-time they let people know time sensitive detail, such as room changes, speaker swaps, and entertainment alerts.

EventOnApp team spoke to several event organizers to understand their pain-points while handling an event and in this article, we cover the power of a single feature to become a one-point solution to all those pain points. Listed are the ways in which a live-notification feature becomes a blessing in disguise for the event organizers, sponsors, and attendees alike:

  1. Last minute changes
    Organising an event is no child’s play and there can be several times when an organizer has to make last minute alterations like room changes, canceled sessions etc. Now the responsibility lies with the organizers to let the attendees know. This seems like a tedious job but with apps like eventonapp, you would be just a click away to inform your attendees about any changes in the programme at any time.
  2. Live social media feeds
    Social media has proved to be an effective way to empower event attendees to share their thoughts and images to magnify the effect of your event. But as an attendee, how do you get to know when a fellow attendee posts any update or photos of the ongoing event without visiting their social media profiles? Here is where live notifications can help you to discover what your fellow attendees are up to and what is going on at different sites of the event venue.
  3. Offers by sponsors and exhibitors
    Sponsors are there to be heard and seen. Letting your sponsors take advantage of the intimate connection to your attendees is an excellent idea. They can broadcast their special deals and offers to garner more attention or even generate leads by putting out free or discounted membership deals. Your sponsors can also advertise their sessions to drive more delegates to their booths.
  4. Contests, polls, and quizzes
    Your audience wants their voice to be heard - so give them a tool that lets them! From feedback on the event venue to questions asked by a speaker during a live session, real-time polling, different contests and quizzes keep your audience involved. But the important thing is to first make the audience aware of these activities which can be done by live notifications. What better way to capture their attention than to notify them with cool activities as soon as they open the app?

While many marketers may already in-app notification today, it’s evident that using notification feature to simply broadcast generic messages to your entire user base is spammy, and will only create confusion among the audience. Don’t be a victim of the audience engagement crisis. Instead, use your event data combined with powerful in-app engagement tools to combat churn and promote strong attendee experiences. Check out our website to find other exciting features which can revolutionize the way you look at event apps!