How event apps can make college fests more fun

Posted by Manoj Sundi on May 25, 2018

Fun, laughter, friends, celebs, fashion, college fests bring a spice of life to otherwise monotonous college routine of lectures, sleeping, eating and repeating. As the festival season inches closer, one can see every student brimming with excitement and hard work, not just the hard work to organize the event but also the nerve-wracking pressure of winning those prestigious titles and performing at a grand stage.

Gone are the days when college fests used to be an intimate affair. Big budgets, celebrities, sponsors, star speakers, press coverage and some sharp management have taken these college events to a whole new level of professionalism. Technicolor lights, booming music, glittery backdrops and big cash prizes all go to show that college managements are pumping in huge sums of money to outdo the rest. Ranging from few lakhs to now about a crore, budgets for these fests in the colleges have been showing an exponential growth.

The journey of organizing the biggest event of the year starts 7-8 months before the actual date and the path is not easy. The crazy working hours and the time and money constraint get to the student and some break down at the end of it all. Now, what if all the mind-boggling pressure of organizing a fest is taken care by a smart event app and all you do is enjoy the most spectacular time of your college life without a single worry? Well, we bring you an event app that can revolutionize the whole face of college events in the country. No no, not just a ticketing system, but a whole package of everything that starts with the conception of an event till its culmination or maybe even after that.

Eventonapp can be a one-stop solution to every organizers’ woes and to answer the multiple hows that come to your mind, we list out the reasons why this app should be a must for your next college event:

1. Your own college app
With each college trying to best the rest, this app will allow your college to have its own event app which lists all the events that happen in your college. Each event would have a powerful dashboard consisting of all the information regarding basic event info, the location of each segment of the event, the speakers participating, schedule and much more.

2. Sponsorship made easy
Worried about how to approach the sponsors? Who needs to print posters and pamphlets when the whole event can be shown at your fingertips through a personalized mobile application. If this does not impress the sponsors, then the app offers some more cool features:

  • The app provides different analytics for sponsors to determine which of their marketing strategies worked and which didn’t.
  • Sponsors have their own space on the app where each sponsor can showcase their offers and products on the app.
  • Last minute changes can be easily accommodated if a sponsor feels that a more compelling offer can be made to the attendees.

3. Networking
College events are the best way to network with different people within and outside the college community. The in-app messaging feature facilitates networking among attendees and organizers giving them a way to communicate better without going through the hassles of searching for their social media profiles and phone contacts.

4. Social media
Another feature to look for is the in-app activity stream or the news feed of trending sessions, popular comments and integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Attendees can check out all the photos and videos of the event posted on the social media even after the commencement of the fest.

5. Navigation advantage
One of the biggest struggles in a college event is to find out what all the competitions are going on simultaneously and the location of each of them, more so if the attendee is new to the surroundings or belongs to a different college altogether. The app allows every attendee to figure out the list of ongoing events with an inbuilt floor map of the location.

6. Easy check-in and ticketing
At a basic level, mobile payment solutions facilitate the registration process making it easier for attendees to purchase tickets in advance or upon arrival to the venue. The app can also be used to highlight the pricing plans, early bird options, registration forms, real-time check-in etc. Apart from that, you’ll have access to an updatable list of people who have completed their registration.

With the growing popularity of event apps, we are beginning to see college fests in a new light as they become an interesting use-case. While the above features might be just the tip of the iceberg of what event apps can really offer, there are numerous other cool features helping the college festivals to be more than a mere annual event.