How does Event Technology help the life of an event organizer

Use event technology to create a successful event with minimal organisational hassles.

Posted by Manoj Sundi on March 01, 2018

Event management is an exciting and dynamic industry, but the life of an event manager is not all fun and games. The logistics of executing an event can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of tasks and simultaneous demands they put on resources. So, event managers are increasingly relying on event technology to meet the challenge of creating the best possible event experience with minimal organisational hassles.

Event Technology provides timely access to resources, exhaustive analytics for decision making, and automation options that personalize the event for the audience. For event managers, tech makes management of back end and front end operations error free, cost -effective, and efficient.

Here are five ways in which tech makes planning, execution and analysis of events easier than ever

1. Planning for money

Sponsorship arrangements are the cornerstone of financing for the events. For event managers, tech helps to find right sponsors and convince them to get associated with the event. To give you an example, online sponsorship platforms that provide algorithmic recommendations to brands help them find events that meet their brand aspirations. Event Apps provide options for identifying and measuring ROI indicators, which help to design sponsorship packages and convince potential sponsors about the value of your event.

2. Planning for audience

Finding the audience and retaining their interest in your event can be a challenge in this age of information overload. Online community platforms provide the solution to this dilemma. Having a galvanised audience base is also a plus for bouncing event ideas, gauze audience interest in speakers, creating organic traffic to your event pages, and generating word of mouth buzz around your event.

3. Event management

Event management involves planning and executing several moving parts seamlessly throughout the event cycle. This is perhaps one area where tech innovations benefit the event managers most. Event Apps help the organisers to take a heads free approach to audience check-in and registration, communication, sponsor engagement, and team coordination. The automation facilitated by event apps minimises human errors and saves time, and money.

4. Audience engagement

Keeping the audience engaged and enthused at your event can be a challenge. Event tech like chatbots are an amazing option for delivering highly personalised and human like interaction that appeals to the attendees. Live and direct engagement options in Event Apps like polls, contests, and social sharing ensure that the audience is involved in the event proceedings. Intuitive networking features of event platforms will also make the attendees interact before, during, and after the event without any hand holding by the organisers.

5. Services and talent

Finding vendors who can provide services at competitive prices can be a time consuming process and a trial & error can prove costly. Online marketplaces such as help in finding vendors vendors based on reviews and recommendations. Event managers are constantly on the lookout for talent like emcees, DJs, and entertainers who can energize the crowd and make the event stand out from the competition. Various tech platforms help in evaluating and discovering the best artists to make your event a must attend.

Relying on Tech makes planning, execution, and post event analysis easier than ever. Tech innovations like event apps and online platforms are the key to making your event successful with minimal investment of time, team, and money.