How can a mobile event app increase attendee engagement in conferences

Posted by Manoj Sundi on June 04, 2018

‘Engagement’ seems like a big word which simply means getting your audience to participate, get in the spirit of the event and maybe, somehow hoping for them to give you a thumbs up at the end of it all.

One of the main reasons why people have invested their time and money in attending an event is to learn something new and getting to interact with people having the same interest as them. The idea is to create a productive and interactive environment where each attendee is able to learn something new, connect with peers, make new connections, and hear inspirational speakers. Why else are we holding events if not to impact the people who are attending them? However, the real question is how can we do the best we can to engage our attendees?

To answer this, EventOnApp team came up with an array of solutions that can increase your audience engagement by nine-fold:

1. Plan sessions with influential speakers:

Influential speakers play an important role in audience engagement as they convey a compelling message that gets imprinted in the minds and hearts of the people in attendance. Therefore, it is important to make the attendees aware of all the speakers especially the influential ones. While doing this manually using pamphlets and brochures can be a huge task, event apps provide a feature of speaker profiling where a whole tab is dedicated to the details of the speakers who will be performing at the event along with their social media profiles.

2. Live polls

Most of the event apps have introduced a live poll system which not only makes the session more interactive but also help event organizers to collect relevant data from the attendees which can be leveraged for making future events more attendee-centric.

3. Networking through an inbuilt messenger:

One of the most leveraged functionality out of an event app is its inbuilt messenger. What can be better than a messenger within your event app which allows you to have a one-on-one interaction with event organizers and fellow attendees alike?

4. Share photos and videos real time:

This feature helps you to engage your audience even before the actual day of the event. Photos and video clips of the ongoing preparations, past event experiences, sponsors’ interviews, after-party etc give you an edge over other events by making your audience feel involved at every stage of the process.

5. Better schedule and agenda management

Events with parallel sessions generally leave the attendees frequently searching through the brochures handed out at the entrance and therefore, can be really confusing. Apps like EventOnApp let the attendees download the whole schedule along with the location of each session and their details, thereby creating a hassle-free experience for all.

6. Push notifications:

Promoting special offers by sponsors and keeping the attendees updated with the last minute changes through push notifications is a great way to keep the attendees on their toes. Not all apps have this feature but the ones that do would be a great asset to your event.

7. Social media integration:

This one goes without saying. Social media is a part and parcel of our lives and any app that provides integration with popular social media platforms creates a buzz around your event. Also, attendees can easily post, tweet, or snap your event, with all the right hashtags right from the event app itself.

8. Real-time feedback:

Getting a feedback from the audience post an event can be difficult and attendees might forget to mention the minute details of the event. EventOnApp helps to gather feedback as and when the event is going on so that organizers gain the maximum insight from the attendees and also have the time to improve the user experience on the go.

9. Share business eCards:

With digital business cards, you no longer need to rummage around a drawer overflowing with business cards to follow-up on a connection. EventOnApp makes it easier than ever to organize your connections and generate new business leads. One can share, update and store contact info of the fellow attendees, organizers, speakers, and sponsors with a single scan of the card or you can directly upload it onto the application.

Mobile event apps are the trendsetters for user experience and engagement. While attendees want to network, event organizers are seeking the mix of connection and community that attendees are looking for through a critical understanding of their audience’s needs, analysis of the sociological benefits of events, and traditional networking coaching technique combined with new tools like event apps and social media.