Do I need an Event App?

Event Apps are the most effective way to achieve event objectives of audience engagement, sponsors satisfaction, and streamlined management.

Posted by Manoj Sundi on February 20, 2018

Event App is necessary whether you are organizing a conference, trade show, exhibition or a product launch, Event Apps are increasingly becoming a non-negotiable component that drives engagement. When it comes to event experience, event Apps are the answer to the most common bottlenecks faced by event organizers, attendees, and sponsors.

More than before, events are used to create multiple value addition opportunities - be it business networking, direct engagement, post-event follow up or social sharing. Additionally, live measurement of events and audience engagement is taking center stage for event partners and sponsors. Increased adoption of smartphones and high interest in tech capabilities add on to the expectations of the organizers to provide a tech-centered event experience.

Event Apps are your gateway to addressing all these concerns with minimal cost and time outlay along with enhanced operational efficiency.

Event Apps delivers several benefits irrespective of the size of the event and provide options for more customization. Here are the six specific benefits of having a dedicated App a must for your event -

1.Audience satisfaction

Audience satisfaction is the crucial measure of an event's success. An event App can provide you the tools for delivering the audience satisfaction and measuring it in real time.

Having an event App let the audience access all event info - speakers, offers, food, entertainment and sessions at their fingertips and plan a bespoke event experience on their own. Event Apps also add value by providing business networking tools like attendee’s suggestions, one on one chats, card scanning etc.

Tech features like chatbots help the organizers achieve a high degree of mass customization and deliver personalized interactions and support services to the audience. This ensures human interaction and most efficient use of attendee’s time, ultimately creating maximum satisfaction.

2.Sponsor engagement

Supporting the sponsors in audience engagement and helping them achieve their advertising/promotional goals in the area in which event Apps truly excel.

Through event apps, the sponsors and brands can showcase their offers and build a personal connection with the attendees by way of one on one interactions before the event, coupled with access to audience profiling enables the sponsors to become highly relevant in the events. The event apps provide live engagement options like polls, contests, sign-ups and social sharing - making the interactions participatory and helps to retain audience interest.

More than anything else, real-time analytics help the brands accurately measure the audience engagement and assess the effectiveness of their message.

3.Increase profits

Event Apps help the organizers to improve their profitability by both increasing revenue potential and implementing cost reduction measures.

On the revenue side, having a highly profiled audience and direct engagement access make the event very attractive to sponsors and partners. An event App also provides diverse opportunities for brand placement and pre/post event connections. On top of this, real-time analytics make your event highly marketable leading to better-negotiating position and increased profits.

On the cost side, event Apps help the organizers to cut the staffing expenses, eliminate printing costs, remove the dependence on third-party services for ticketing/payments, and save time by streamlining the management functions.

Event Apps are driving the revolution in event organization, audience engagement and sponsor justification. Having a dedicated and customized event app not only makes your event highly desirable but helps you stand out from the competition.

It is therefore obvious that an Event app is a must if you are organising a conference ,trade shows, exhibition or a product launch.

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