Best Event Management Softwares and apps in 2018

Check out the top event management softwares and apps that will help you organise a seamless and successful event.

Posted by Manoj Sundi on March 22, 2018

Event apps and softwares accurately represent the potential of technological innovations to revolutionize and revitalize an entire industry. From audience relationship management to sponsor engagement and ROI tracking, event management softwares and mobile apps help the event managers to organise the events more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Today, whether you are organising a conference, trade show, academic event, or an exhibition you have the choice of specialised and event friendly apps. You also have access to free event apps or event friendly apps that deliver loads of features in an affordable manner.

If you are looking for such an effective event management solution, EventOnApp stands out as a favourite among organisers, sponsors, and the audience as one of the most cost-effective options in the market that delivers high-end design and top of the industry tech capabilities. The ease of use in both front and backend make it uniquely adaptable for different types of events and budgets.

Here are the features that make EventOnApp highly desirable mobile app for organising and management of events

1. The centralised dashboard is easy to navigate and demands very minimal technical skill. In fact, a custom app can be created and successfully deployed on EventOnApp in as little as 5 minutes. The dashboard also facilitates the event managers to make changes to the app content in real-time

2. Exhaustive and inbuilt CRM tools enable the event managers to design personalized and automated communication (SMS or email). The CRM also has options for attendee registration management.

3. Custom Chatbots on EventOnApp are top of the industry standards and they provide personalized assistance to the attendees throughout the event life cycle.

4. Smart networking features like LinkedIn integration, intuitive connection suggestions, one-on-one messaging, and card scanning etc. make the app very appealing.

5. Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook) that allows users to access their social feeds or share update/media from the app is particularly popular among the attendees.

6. Dedicated sponsor showcase, real-time ROI tracking, and custom branding options ensure that the sponsors get a big bang for their bucks.

7. Audience is given access to schedule and speaker info and enjoys complete control over their personal schedule management.

8. Last but not the least, real-time engagement across the app in the form of messages, push notifications, contests, polls, and Q&A enrich the event experience across the board.

Here is how other popular event management softwares and mobile event apps stack up in terms of features and relevance

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite has firmly established itself as one of the best event software for ticketing solutions for both big and small events. It is not a holistic event management software but apt for smaller organisations and startups who are organising public events. It is a great option for tracking RSVPs, collecting registration charges and attendee info. You can also get real-time analytics of tickets sold, ticket source etc. helping the event team to stay on top of targets. Event managers can add different roles in the platform and give access to the entire event team.

2. Cvent

Cvent is most suited for organisers who want an out of the box solution that provides a high degree of flexibility, customization, and integration. It is one of the best options for multi-day, multi-track events with a large number of attendees. Cvent allows High degree of automation and customization across registration, payment, and travel/accommodation details. Attendees also can take charge of their own registration in order to modify or update it. Cvent also has the option to print badges and distribute them through the system, which can be useful for the event managers.

3. Trello

Trello is best suited for organisations managing collaborative events with multiple clients, freelancers, and diverse teams. If you are looking to create a shared workspace for multiple contributors, this is the event management software for you. It provides very good API support and very easy to integrate into existing organisation softwares. Trello has options for milestone tracking, document sharing, and collaboration outside your organisation and with external clients Custom branding and flexible display options ensure that your event page looks like its own website to the clients.

4. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch is the ideal event management software that lets you build a custom app for high-end and large-scale exhibition and conference events. This is a highly interactive platform which gives greater freedom for the audience’s social interactions. DoubleDUtch has exhaustive features ranging from from basic scheduling to audience response, and proximity marketing (i.e., beacons). The Push notifications, activity feed, and live update options in the app help to enhance the attendee experience. The app also provides option to see companies and participants pre-registered for the event.

The choice of event management software or event app is highly dependent upon your event profile and your team’s tech capabilities. Therefore, selecting apps that require minimal tech knowledge and skill would give you better flexibility in ensuring that your choice meets all your needs in a cost-effective manner.